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OneStream Partner | FT Solutions



About FT Solutions

FT Solutions Inc. is a single end-to-end Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) implementation and service consulting firm.  Our experience working with Fortune 1000 companies using multiple market leading software platforms such as OneStream XF enable our team to identify client needs, determine the right solution and implement to a desired future state across any industry and scope.

At FT Solutions, we believe our clients deserve the same level of expertise across every phase of an engagement. The leadership team our clients start their discussions with are the same people you can expect to be actively working on your project during each phase.  By having the highest expertise engaged in your project, you can expect a more efficient process with less redundancy, resulting in better outcomes at a lower investment otherwise required.

FT Solutions has been a OneStream partner for the past 6 years.

Partner Level - Silver


North America

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