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Be Agile with a Unified Platform for Financial Reporting, Planning and Analysis

Simplify and unify financial processes, improve agility to integrate acquisitions and respond quickly to market changes.

The proven alternative to fragmented legacy applications, designed to simplify processes for the most sophisticated, global enterprises.

Reduce the pain and costs of integrating acquired companies and new data sources

Seamlessly integrate and leverage investments in SAP ERP and other data sources

Simplify and unify financial consolidation, reporting, planning and analysis across the enterprise

Key Features

Reduce the pain and costs of integrating acquired companies and new data sources

  • Assess the impact of potential acquisitions on financial and operating results
  • Quickly integrate new GL/ERP systems and align to existing corporate standards
  • Track and analyze the revenue and expense impacts of acquisitions, measure ROI

Simplify and unify financial consolidation, reporting and analysis


  • Eliminate the risk and costs of managing and upgrading fragmented legacy applications, such as Oracle Hyperion, SAP BPC, IBM Cognos and others
  • Support the most complex global financial consolidation and reporting requirements
  • Align strategic, financial and operational planning and forecasting with reporting
  • Leverage marketplace solutions for Account Reconciliations, Tax Provision, Transfer Pricing and other requirements

Seamlessly integrate and leverage investments in SAP ERP and other systems

  • Directly connect with SAP R/3, BW, S/4 HANA and other systems
  • Drill down, drill back and drill through to transactional details, including journal entries
  • Provide a consistent platform for reporting, planning and analysis before, during, and after ERP upgrades

Hundreds of organizations have adopted OneStream’s unified SmartCPM™ platform to improve M&A integration, leverage ERP investments, and replace legacy CPM applications.

Here are a few examples:

OneStream in the cloud has been incredibly adaptable. We have people around the world utilizing the system and it’s always available and always at peak performance. Don Bleasdell | VP of Finance, Team Industrial Services
Pushing accountability for data quality down to the line of business users with OneStream has improved efficiency at AFL and provided more time for value-added analysis of the business. This has been huge as it provides better visibility into the results and improved decision-making at every level in the organization Pam Brady | Global Financial Business Analyst, AFL
OneStream’s Guided Workflows provides a step-by-step process to allow users to receive immediate visibility to their results while delivering accurate and timely financials to the central team. This has been a huge benefit to the business. Key to this transition has been the user workspaces and dashboards that replaced our custom IT reporting solution Brad Sheppard | Director of IT Central Services, Guardian Industries
Evoqua implemented OneStream XF for financial consolidation, reporting, budgeting and forecasting. We were able to leverage the consolidation functionality to automate intercompany eliminations in all hierarchies, currency translation and cash flow reporting. We also leveraged the core budget and forecast capabilities to perform forecasts at detailed profit center and cost center levels. Management and external reporting is now standardized with executive dashboards and Guided Reporting as well as our monthly financial reporting book Rahul Nanavati | Director of Financial Systems, Evoqua
The benefit of having a single platform is that it’s generally simpler. Everything is all together, we have a single source of the truth – everybody is looking at the same data in the same way, there’s consistency. This creates alignment in the organization so the commercial side of the business to executive management are all seeing the same thing. You have far-flung operations, all doing their own thing, this keeps everybody on the same page. Terence Barge | Corporate Controller, Conmed