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Process Control Manager

Process Control Manager

Provides administrators and business users with an intuitive and easy to manage review and approval process for Workflow Submissions. It expands on the native Workflow functionality within OneStream XF, to allow additional granularity in process control and support for what is often called “phased submissions” in financial consolidation or planning processes. This solution provides a framework for enhanced control of Workflow data submissions by managing:

  • Which Workflow users/security groups can input data or complete review steps
  • Which Scenarios/Periods can be modified
  • Which Origin dimension input channels can modify data
  • Which Accounts can be modified based on their related phase (Workflow Channel)

Process Control Manager adds the concept of promotion of Workflow data to others of a higher level in the closing or planning process routing. Based on who the user is, Process Control Manager can tell which “Process Level” the user is at, to determine if they have access to input/modify data based on a comparison to the current Process Level for that Workflow.

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