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Transaction Matching

Eliminate spreadsheets, manual processes and point solutions with the Transaction Matching solution from the OneStream XF MarketPlace.

Accelerate Transaction Matching, Account Reconciliations and the Financial Close Process

Match transactional data from multiple sources and quickly identify and resolve differences.

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Accelerate the Period-End Close Process

Speed transaction matching and account reconciliations.

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Improve the Accuracy of Financial Statements

Reduce write-offs of unexplained differences.

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Enhance Visibility and Audit Trails

Reduce data latency and costs with a unified platform.

Key Features

Seamless Data Integration

Load transaction data from multiple sources for matching.

  • Load data flat files or direct connect
  • Data can be imported daily, weekly, or monthly as needed
  • Perform data stacking and splitting to support matching

Automatic or Manual Matching of Transactions

Match a variety of transactions from multiple sources.

  • Leverage a configurable rules-driven matching approach
  • Identify and resolve un-matched transactions
  • Approvals, commenting and attachments

Built-in Reporting and Analytics

Extensive reporting and exporting of results.

  • Produce matching scorecard and supporting analysis
  • Present KPIs on transaction and match information
  • Pivot reports can be exported for reporting purposes
We are currently using OneStream Transaction Matching for a new process we are implementing with claims. This new process involves direct payments from our bank account, requiring us to reconcile the transactions daily, instead of waiting for month-end. Doing this daily matching of bank transactions manually with Excel would have been a nightmare, whereas the Transaction Matching solution allows us to automate much of the process and save a great deal of time and effort. Financial Analysis and Tax Manager, West Bend Mutual Insurance | Jessica Greisch