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MEC Global Success Story


About MEC Global

MEC Holding GmbH, with headquarters in Bad Soden, Germany, manufactures and supplies industrial welding consumables and services, cutting systems, and medical instruments for OEMs in Germany and internationally. The company operates through three units: Castolin Eutectic Systems, Messer Cutting Systems, and BIT Analytical Instruments. MEC Global has over 2900 employees in 36 countries, and generates over €500M in annual revenue.

“With the need to report to shareholders by the 5th business day after month-end, using Hyperion required the Finance team to spend many late nights. There are no longer any late nights with OneStream. We have gained at least a day during month-end, because we don’t have load up the accounts for users anymore.”

Steffi Joseph | Corporate Accountant, MEC Global

The Challenge

MEC Global was using Oracle’s Hyperion Enterprise for financial consolidation and reporting. As an aging solution, the software was becoming unstable and was losing data at critical times. This was slowing down the period-end close and consolidation process as users had to re-enter data and adjustments. In addition, due to its limited dimensionality the system was no longer supporting the reporting and analysis needs of the business. They needed something more flexible.

The OneStream XF Solution

After evaluating other solutions offered by Oracle, MEC Global selected OneStream XF based on its unified architecture, and ability to handle the consolidation of actual results, budgets and audit details all in a single application. 

MEC global initially deployed OneStream XF for financial consolidation and reporting of actual financial results. They also use the application for cash flow forecasting, collection of auditing information and loading budgets. The next phase of the project will include moving the budgeting data collection process into OneStream, replacing Excel and email. The system is used for monthly management reporting at the division and corporate levels, as well as for budget reporting for external stakeholders.

Streamlined Financial Consolidation and Reporting

With 36 countries reporting monthly, including over 70 entities and 15 local currencies, MEC’s financial consolidation and reporting process includes a high volume of intercompany activity. This new system has enabled big improvements in intercompany eliminations through improved automation and communication, as trading partners can see each other’s data and collaborate with each other to reconcile activity. 

Data collection is much easier now with Guided Workflows leading users through their tasks. Users upload trial balances on their own vs. sending to corporate, which speeds the process and ensures data quality. The new system was very easy for users to learn and adopt with limited training. 

The initial implementation started in March 2015 and the system went live in October of 2015. This included migrating 13 years of actual data, as well as 2 years of audit and budget data. The system is currently deployed to 86 users, including 76 Finance staff, 5 Administrators and 5 CEOs who have “view only” access to reports coming out of OneStream XF.

Benefits Achieved

Benefits of the new OneStream system have accrued quickly for MEC Global. The system is much more reliable vs. Hyperion and can be accessed by users from anywhere over the internet. The company has more flexibility in collecting and analyzing data via OneStream’s Extensible Dimensionality. Remote users now have more independence in data loading. This enables the Corporate Finance team to spend more time reviewing results vs. loading data, which is a saving of 1-2 days per month. 

The Guided Workflows in OneStream enable delegation and faster completion of user tasks. The intercompany eliminations process has been streamlined through better visibility and communication between trading partners. And the new system makes sharing documents such as user manuals, guidelines, and procedures easier as they are all loaded in OneStream. 

“With the need to report to shareholders by the 5th business day after month-end, using Hyperion required the Finance team to spend many late nights.” Said Steffi Joseph, Corporate Accountant at MEC Global. “There are no longer any late nights with OneStream. We have gained at least a day during month-end, because we don’t have load up the accounts for users anymore.”

Future Plans

The next phase of the deployment for MEC Global includes expanding the system to support budget data collection, and the company is evaluating the opportunity to use OneStream to support the collection and reporting of lease information under IFRS 16.

About OneStream Software

OneStream Software provides a revolutionary corporate performance management (CPM) solution that unifies and simplifies financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics, and financial data quality for sophisticated organizations. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise, OneStream XF is the first and only solution that delivers corporate standards and controls, with the flexibility for business units to report and plan at additional levels of detail without impacting corporate standards – all through a single application.

The OneStream XF MarketPlace features downloadable solutions that allow customers to easily extend the value of their CPM platform to quickly meet the changing needs of finance and operations. We are driven by our mission statement that every customer must be a reference and success.

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